Where to Get a Mexican Poncho

Find your perfect Mexican Poncho at ElChamaco.com. It is your one stop source for all things pertaining to the Mexican Poncho. The site has two types of Mexican poncho. The Serape Poncho is the brightly colored poncho, similar to the Mexican blanket of the same name. These ponchos come in Adult and Youth sizes and come in a variety of colors. The weave on this poncho is tight, which makes it more lightweight.

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The second type of poncho is the Traditional Mexican Poncho, which is similar to the traditional Mexican blanket that is often used for Yoga. These ponchos are made from a much looser weave, which maked the poncho a little more heavy. It generally come in more earth tone colors and each poncho only contains a few colors, unlike the Serape poncho, where each poncho is comprised of up to ten different colors.

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Where to Buy Mexican Ponchos

If you are wondering where to purchase Mexican ponchos, you have come to the right place!

Mexican Threads is your one stop source for Mexican ponchos. They offer the serape ponchos, which are the bright colored ponchos that are similar to the blankets that are popular at all the touristy places around Mexico and at all the Taco shops and restaurants pretty much around the world. They also sell the traditional ponchos, which is more earth toned and a looser weave, so it is a little heavier.

If you are looking for a poncho to keep you warm, go with the traditional. If you are looking for a poncho as part as a costume or for an event, most likely you will go with the serape style. The serape come in assorted colors, but each poncho has one dominant color, which is the color of the widest stripe in the poncho. These ponchos make great Cinco de Mayo outfits, or great for Halloween.

Elchamaco.com has the ponchos available in youth and adult sizes. They offer a 10% discount if you purchase 10 or more. So, round up your friends and buy some today.